Hammer Head AtT Grip

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This grip when paired with an end plate stock lets you get a solid grip on your rifle while passing the parallel line test. This is one of the most compact grips available. This grip was designed to be an AtT grip however some stocks sit low enough to force it to be a SS grip. Some users like to modify this grip to change the ergonomics of it. We strongly recommend that you do not modify it in any way from it's factory configuration. Doing so may void it's status as a blessed grip. This is a unique grip in that it can be configured a number of ways. It can be used as a traditional AtT grip with many types of stocks in their normal attachment point on the buffer tube. It can however accept a second buffer tube or even an A2 connector style full stock into the rear of the grip itself. Some users prefer this configuration as it significantly changes the height of the top rail relative to where you shoulder the stock. This is seen in some of the newer shouldering styles emerging in competitions. In yet another configuration it can accept an end plate stock turned upside down for a different LOP than you would normally get with an end plate stock. The threading on the back of the grip is made of the same non metalic material as the rest of the grip so be cautious when torquing anything into it. 

The Hammer Head Grip has DOJ testimony behind it.