Legal Information

California gun laws are complex and in many cases ambiguous, always check with legal counsel to make sure you are in full compliance with the law.

The only authority that can definitively state that a rifle is or is not categorized as an assault weapon is the California Department of Justice or DOJ. Claims made by manufacturers, resellers, anonymous lawyers and random people on discussion forums hold no legal value and should not be relied upon.

We suggest that at the very least you read the laws yourself and stay informed about California gun laws. At best, we suggest contacting a qualified attorney to help you stay compliant.

DOJ Final Statement of Reasons - This document is from 2000 and explains in further detail some of the characteristics of what California DOJ considers to be evil features.

SB 880 - Senate Bill No. 880 is recent major California firearms legislation that eliminated the bullet button as a circumvention device. The result of SB 880, among other things, is the modification of the penal code as outlined by the DOJ in the recently accepted regulations.

OAL Accepted Penal Code Modifications 7/10/17 - These new regulations outline the mechanism for the registration of assault weapons under SB 880.