Mortar Plate End Stock

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Fits any commercial or milspec carbine buffer tube. For best performance mate it with one of our enhanced carbine buffer tubes. Five QD pockets on each side and bottom picatinny rail for a monopod or any other use. This is a quality product made in the USA from Double Star. Includes stock only, requires you to have a carbine buffer tube for use. Foam over buffer tube is optional (sold separately).

Why We Like It

This is one of the few end plate stocks that you can put on an target shooting setup that supports the use of a rear monopod. It's plethora of QD points makes it a versatile option for any setup. The manufacturer is well known for making very high quality products.

Featureless Confidence

High Confidence - There is no doubt this is a fixed stock. The only argument anyone could ever make against a rifle with one of these is that it uses a carbine buffer tube that is made for an adjustable stock.