Premium Stock Lock (Universal)

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This premium stock lock has a much beefier construction and includes adaptors for magpul and daniel defense stock in addition to the standard M4 and M4 compadible stocks. It costs more but if you are going this route to try to turn your telescoping stock into a fixed stock, then you may not want to skimp on the part that may prevent you from holding an illegal assault weapon in your hands if it breaks.

  • 2 screws of different lengths for different stocks
  • Large locking hub for secure fit
  • Installation tool included
  • Sleeve for stocks with a thicker channel (Magpul, DD & Others)
  • Precision machined from 7075 aluminum

This item is being sold BELOW COST to liquidate our inventory! No more of these coming. These are WAYYY better than the cheaper versions but cost is important to some people. They look similar but trust us, they are better.