Retrofit Kit

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The retrofit kit contains the following parts

  • Single Sided Grip
  • Stock Lock
  • Thread Protector
  • Loc Tite 242 single use pack
  • Free State Magazine Release
  • Gen 2 Ambidextrous Safety

This kit allows you to remove your existing grip, your muzzle device and lock your adjustable stock into a fixed position. It also includes an ambidextrous safety selector which is necessary when using a single sided grip.

The components in this kit are widely considered to create a "featureless" rifle when there are no other evil features present. Since the DOJ has not specifically ruled on certain paths to making a featureless rifle, we as a private company cannot say with absolute certainty that this will make your rifle featureless. We do however have a significant amount of confidence that when used in conjunction with no evil features, this configuration should yield a featureless rifle eligible for a free state magazine release, also included in the kit. The included loc tite for use with the thread protector is LocTite 242 which can be removed with tools but not by hand.