Universal Mini End Stock

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The UMS is the most versatile end plate stock that exists. It can attach to any buffer tube, carbine or pistol from 1.10" to 1.25" outside diameter. For rock solid anti-rotation combine it with one of our premium buffer tubes. For minimum foot print, combine it with our ultimate pistol buffer tube.

Why We Like It

This stock has slick lines, is very ergonomic and can attach to pretty much any buffer tube out there. We have found it's ideal configuration is in conjunction with our ultimate pistol buffer tube. It's compatibility with pistol tubes offers maximum clearance with AtT grips. It's only downside is the lack of a QD connector for a sling but we feel it's other virtues outweigh that small shortcoming. It's held in place by two set screws instead of the usual locking collar we see on other end plate stocks.

Featureless Confidence

Very High Confidence - With a pistol buffer tube. * 
High Confidence - With a carbine buffer tube.

* There is no doubt this is a fixed stock. When used in conjunction with our ultimate pistol buffer tube we have a hard time thinking of any possible argument that could be made against it.