Free Your Mag

Magazine locking circumvention devices are at best, a temporary solution, at worst, a significant safety hazard. California has made it clear that it is going to stomp out bullet buttons and magazine locks. Making your rifle featureless is the cleanest, simplest, safest and most compliant path to unimpeded AR ownership Free yourself from draconian assault weapons laws, unsafe modifications and mandatory registration schemes. Don't lock your magazine. Free it.

A Curated AR Parts Boutique

Arnovations is home to only the highest quality, most innovative, cutting edge products aimed at the California market for AR owners wanting to go featureless. We have spent weeks scouring through all of the available AR parts on the market. We sought out the most innovative, the most ergonomic and the most usefull grear for those wanting to convert their mag locking ARs to featureless configurations.